Think back to the last time you had the feelings of excitement, pride and honour when you first got your new bike.  You may have ponied up and purchased off the retail floor, from a buddy, seller online or maybe even a hand-me-down.  Regardless of the generation of ownership it was new to you and stoke levels were high; not because you have a cool new toy to look at, but because of the anticipation of heading out for a ride... even if you didn't know what kind of experience was yet to come.

Think for a second, What if you didn't have a place to ride your new bike?  What if there were no trails, bike parks or local riding spots?  What if your only refuge in the saddle were on dusty roads and industrial pavement?    


They help us come full circle on the joy and excitement of bike ownership and experience.  If it wasn't for dedicated builders who dig trails or push the boundaries of bike parks we would not be so stoked on what biking is to us individually.

At Knolly Bikes we appreciate the hard work, inspiration and collaboration required to put a section of trail together for riders to enjoy.  We're a growing company and we create an incredibly sophisticated product.  As we continue to grow we look for ways to support the building community which is why we are launching the Knolly Knation Builder Program. 

How it works? 

We will sponsor builders globally. As a similar platform to our Knation Grassroots Racing program, we will be signing up dedicated builders and trail associations that want to be part of the program. Sponsored Knation builders will have access to our Builder packages which will include pro deals on our bikes along with gear from our like-minded partners.


Applications will be treated the same way as athlete sponsorships; they will be carefully reviewed and considered for the program. We want to focus this on the dedicated trail builders working hard not for the spotlight, but for a high five, for a beer at the end of the day, or for the simple pleasure of first tread on a self built trail. 

We will have two categories for sponsorship. First is individual Local Heroes. Applications need to have some examples of your work and minimum two references. Second are those who are registered builders with trail associations. Once the association is registered every builder on their list will be eligible for the program. For trail associations we encourage the president/acting manager to reach out to submit the application.


Locally based in Vancouver with the Knolly brand being born on the North Shore we're happy to be working with the NSMBA as our first signed association. All members of the NSMBA are eligible for the program and have been signed up. 

“Trail Builders are the life force being all trail networks, builders are part craftsmen & women, part artist and part visionary. They are always 100% invested in creating and improving our experiences as riders. Their collective and individual imagination, dedication and relentless work ethic enable us to ride and push ourselves and our bikes into realms sometimes not imagined. They provide excitement, trepidation and “that” feeling which only comes when you are one with your bike.

The North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA) is proud to partner with the Knolly Knation Builder Program to support, thank and express our gratitude for the commitment each of you bring to the North Shore”

Vince Beasse – NSMBA President Board of Directors.

Showing that the program has Global reach we are also partners with Brain Terrain operation out of Austria doing some great work.  Check them out at Brain-terrain


“We have been footballing the idea of how to support builders for a couple years.  We’re excited to launch this program as the first step of a larger commitment to support trail builders globally. We have mad respect for anyone who is engaged in the craft and while this program may not work for everyone, we hope it will support anyone who seeks to enjoy its benefits.”


- Ryan Berrecloth

Next steps for application:

+ Local Heroes: send email to including who you are, where you build and examples of your work.

+ Trail Associations: send email to listing your association name, location, how many members and where your group is focussed on working. Examples of the work are encouraged. 

+ In the subject line please put "Knation Builder Program Application".

+ Ken will review all applications and work directly with each applicant. 

+ Sponsored builders will then work directly with our sales team to finish the play.

Important to note that any sponsorship deals where the builder lives within a 10 mile radius of an authorized Knolly dealer will be brokered through the dealer. 

There it is folks. If you are a builder and you want to join the program send your application to For all builders out there a big thanks from the crew at Knolly! 

See you on the trails!!!!

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