FOURby4 Suspension 

Yes, you see an extra linkage here. This is the secret sauce in the Fourby4 design. It allows us to decouple the performance aspects of the rear suspension, which means we can fine-tune each bike to match its intended purpose. Put simply - the lower linkage controls the rear wheel axle path, and the upper linkage controls the shock progression.

Threaded BB shell

We use threaded BB’s on all our frames. Why? Well, because they don’t suck. We are all riders and we have all spent time on press fit BB’s and from our experience threaded is the only way to go. The interface between the BB and frame is serviceable, there is less chance of frame damage and threaded BB's will not creak when installed properly.

Next Level Alloy 

Knolly’s focus on "Only the Best" relates to our choice of frame materials as well.  With our extensive aluminum manufacturing experience, we can make an aluminum frame that convincingly outperforms an average carbon frame (i.e. the majority of carbon mountain bike frames on the market). 

OSD (Offset Seat-tube Design) 

One of the great benefits of the Fourby4 system is that it allows our frames to have full length, straight seat tubes. That means whatever your rider height/seatpost length combination is - it will work on a Knolly. Shorter riders rejoice - you can have a 150mm dropper post too!

Angular Contact Bearings

Our main pivots rotate on exceptionally high quality, dual row angular contact bearings, which are fastened with our custom oversized CNC’d axles. This combination results in superior lateral rigidity and high load carrying capability.  But what it really means is you spend more time riding your bike and less time fixing it.


Forward and backwards compatible... that's how we roll. Want to run a front derailleur? No problem. Are you single ring for life? No problem. Upper chain guide? No problem. Lower bash guard, Shimano Di, multiple wheels sizes, varied tire widths, additional shock sizes, 150 to 200mm dropper get the picture.

157TRAIL Rear Hub

At Knolly our design philosophy demands that any performance feature change needs to be supported by a valid engineering position and proven rider performance benefits. 157TRAIL allows us to increase tire size compatibility, makes the rear triangle stiffer and keeps our chainstays short. 

Titanium Pivots

We designed our own custom titanium pivot hardware because off-the-shelf options were not up to our standards. This hardware acts as a fastener, axle and bearing cover. These are CNC machined from bar-stock black titanium. There are cheaper and easier ways to design a pivot, but they do not fit with our no compromise philosophy.  

Cable Routing

Years of designing, riding and tweaking has helped us develop some of the best cable routing on the market. The doors are big for easy installation, and the rubber ports can handle 4mm, 5mm, and Di2 housings. This custom design keeps your housings from rattling in the frame, because nobody likes a frame that rattles.

For frame schematics and torque spec click here

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