Reduced offset forks

Recently there has been a lot of talk about fork offset in the bike industry. The simple truth is that you can run either offset on our Fugitive/Warden (or any bike) - you just need to understand how the bike will ride with a shorter or longer offset fork. 

  • With a longer offset (51mm) the bike corners better in tight singletrack and has slightly quicker handling but it gives up a bit of stability at high speed. 

  • In the shorter offset (42 to 44) the bike is more raked out so it is more stable and performs better at high speeds but in tech climbs, switchbacks, and slower stuff, the bike is a bit more to get around and the front end can feel floppy. 

  • Depending on travel, a shorter offset will change the wheelbase between 5-7mm which amounts to an almost insignificant half a percent (0.5%) of the total wheel base.

As with all geometry changes, advantages in one area are achieved at the sacrifice elsewhere. Fork offset is a simply another tool/adjustment for riders to customize the handling of the bike to suit their riding style and the terrain they ride. 


"We maintain that it really comes down to personal preference and ride quality. What every article seems to dance around, yet what every reader wants to know is: How is this going to feel? There are too many factors at play (fork length, wheelbase, tire choice, etc.) and considering bike geometry holistically is very important. Our opinion is: a reduced offset fork may make your long and slack bike have improved handling, which feels “slower” at high speeds (less twitchy), with more stability and smoother handling."