As mountain bikers we all share a common bond - the desire to experience the world from behind the bars of a bike with wheels spinning and our hearts racing. But there is a group of riders that share an even closer bond and they are you - the KNATION. You are the amazing riders that have trusted our brand to be part of your riding experience and we are super stoked to be the bike of choice when you need to get out, race, find new places, push your limits, find your peace, kick your friends ass, PB your local DH, and every other reason you love to ride.

We are thrilled to have you on board and it is amazing to see how far our small brand has reached which is why we set up the "Knolly Knation Membership Program". Sign up is free. As a Knation Member you will have the opportunity to take advantage of pre-bookings on new models, be kept in the loop on happenings from the team, get sneak peeks on new designs, and have the chance to win some cool prizes from time to time. .

From all of us at Knolly -THANK YOU!

Everyone at Knolly is amped to have you part of the family, thanks for taking the time to sign up and we hope to see you on the trails!