Knolly’s most notorious model has eluded proper classification since its launch back in 2008…. and that’s just the way we like it. Whether you're into freeride, shuttle DH, or if you only ride Park…the Delirium is the rig that will take you to the next level, and in massive style. 

Versatility. This has been the cornerstone of the Delirium concept since day one. Striking the balance between ‘tough as nails’ and ‘playful’ on the trail is a tall order. The Delirium delivers. The newest version of this shape shifter allows the pilot to configure this model in many different ways, including adjustable geometry, and it's cleared for take-off with all dual crown forks.

Delirium shock fitment specifications

Shock size: 8.5" x 2.5" Freeride/Park Mode or 8.75" x 2.75" DH Mode

 Reducer & hardware spec: Top 21.8mm x M8 / Bottom 33.0mm x M8

Knolly Endorphin 26" wheel



Quick….Nimble….Stiff. Featuring the most aggressive geometry in the trail bike category, this Endorphin is built for serious riding, all day long. By shedding over a pound and basing geometry around a 150mm fork, this Endorphin is snappier than previous versions, and is designed for epic days in the saddle.


The 2014 Endorphin is packed with features not usually found on a light weight trail bike including 12 x 142mm rear thru axle, dropper post cable routing, direct mount front derailleur, and ISCG tabs to boot. Our standard builds settle in at 26 pounds, with plenty of opportunity to go lighter.


From epic rides to enduro races, the Endorphin has the chops to get you down the hill with plenty of time for dinner and a couple cold ones.

Endorphin 26" Shock Size:  7.875 x 2.25 / 3D LINKS Reducer & hardware spec: 21.8mm x M6 Top & Bottom. Straight LINKS Reducer & hardware spec: 41mm x M6 Top & 21.8 Bottom.

Knolly Chillcotin 26"



The Chilcotin has been on trails for 3 years now, and still seems to elude any specific categorization. It does everything well. You can build it sub-30 as your all-day any-trail any-time 'one bike'; or beef it out a bit, throw it into slack mode and blow doors on your full face friends down the sketchiest park lines.


We love this bike for obvious reasons: aggressive & adjustable geometry gives the Chilcotin multiple personality disorder, and you reap the benefits. Plush & active suspension provided by our infamous Four x 4 patented suspension design, and an uber-stiff chassis. This frame is cleared for take-off with a 180mm fork, so feel free to enter Crankworx on your Chilcotin, and we promise the bike won’t be holding you back at all.


It's a trail bike. It's an all-mountain bike. It's an enduro bike. It's a park bike. It's a mini DH bike. Best of all.... it's a Knolly. 

Chilcotin Shock Size: 7.875 x 2.25 / Reducer/hardware spec: 3D Links Top 21.8mm x M6 / Bottom 21.8mm x M6. Straight links Top 41.0mm x M6

Knolly Podium 26" full suspension DH bike


 “I have yet to find the limits of the new Podium…especially in the corners.”  - James Doerfling / Knolly Team Rider, Red Bull Rampage Finalist

Noel has outdone himself with this one, plain and simple. The all new Podium is simply the most technologically advanced design in the history of the company, period. From the extensive hydro-forming, one-piece tubular chainstay, custom titanium fasteners, built-in fork bumpers, to the patented & proprietary 4xFour suspension design... the new Podium has all the bells & whistles to satisfy the most discerning riders. Our standard builds are tipping the scales at a svelte 36 pounds. Once this bike is up to speed, the Podium is going to push you further as a rider than you might be comfortable with. You'd better start training.


Podium Shock Size: 9.5 x 3 / Reducer & hardware spec: Forward - 21.8 M8, rear - 43.8 M8 

Knolly Delirium T 26" full suspension bike



The Delirium stands alone as the gold standard to which all other aggressive all mountain and free ride frames are compared. No other product in the market achieves such a perfect balance of full on high performance in a completely manageable package: a combination that has proven to be absolutely unique, year after year after year.


Capable of supporting builds ranging from lighter weight all mountain to full on serious free ride and everything in between the Delirium is the trusty steed that can easily support you along six hour technical pedal fests and then laugh all the way down your local bike park. With amazing attention to detail and a wide set of features typical of Knolly frames, the Delirium remains unparalleled as the discerning technical rider’s bike of choice.

Knolly V-tach 26" full suspension bike


The V-tach frame successfully combines long travel DH stability with quick North Shore maneuverability: increasing your margin of error allows you to push your limits beyond what you thought possible. The unique patented Knolly Four by 4 Linkage delivers excellent pedaling characteristics, neutral braking, no pedal feedback, impressive lateral rigidity and maximum tire clearance. Shock performance is maximized, with fully progressive ratios that permit extreme sensitivity while easily handling the biggest hits.


A full length seat tube and front derailleur compatibility make the climbs a pedal instead of a push. Adjustable geometry allows you to tailor your bike's handling to the most progressive technical freeride trails or to multi-hit high speed DH runs.