We are very fortunate to work with some of the finest companies in the bike industry so when it comes to spec'ing our bikes we have the ability to offer premium components that perfectly match our frames. 

There are times when two companies just click. From the very start Knolly and Cane Creek shared a common interest - Knolly made super high quality, performance based suspension frames and Cane Creek made some of the most technologically advanced, tune-able suspension on the market. Their product was and still is (even more so today) perfectly suited to the Knolly riders who want to push their suspension to the very limits of performance. 

It helps that they are a super great bunch of guys and their passion for making product that they themselves want to ride makes it easy to work with them. 

The Cane Creek Helm is a 7-way adjustable suspension fork optimized for 140mm to 170mm of travel. Born in the mountains of Western North Carolina, the Helm is designed to conquer aggressive trail, enduro racing, and anything in between. By isolating each damping and air spring adjustment, the Helm has the ability to be tuned for all types of terrain and riding styles and gives the rider ultimate control of their suspension set-up.

The best freeride bike on the market the Knolly Delirium
Helm275 2018.jpg
The best freeride bike on the market the Knolly Delirium

For years riders have had to sacrifice carrying the weight of a coil shock in order to get the performance and consistency they desired. The DBcoil IL is the first ever twin-tube inline shock that packs in all of the function of a piggyback coil shock in a lighter and sleeker package. Equipped with a VALT lightweight spring, Climb Switch technology, 4-way adjustability and unparalleled Double Barrel performance, the DBcoil IL dominates aggressive descents with superior small bump compliance, heat dissipation and linear spring action.

We will get straight to point here: we love these wheels. And we love the guys at Industry 9.


It only takes one look at the staff bikes at Knolly headquarters to realize that we all rock I-9 wheels and it is for good reason. Each one of us have beat the hell out of their wheels, on whatever bike they are mounted on, and they just keep rolling.

On their website they state: "We're not just a wheel company, we're passionate individuals brought together by the pursuit of excellence. When we strap on our helmets and put power to the earth, the only limiting factor should be our own mind, never our equipment." We think that fits rather nicely with our brand.

I-9 make some of the most advanced, performance focused product on the market and each one is built to be tough and light. Normally that is an oxymoron. The myriad of color options also help to make these some of the most drool worthy wheels on the the market.