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Limited edition 'Zessel' Delirium

Since the relaunch of The Delirium last year, we have had a very positive response from the riding community, and to celebrate it's unofficial 10 year anniversary we are proud to announce our first limited edition version:

The latest version of the Knolly Delirium has been on trails (and in the park) for just over a year, and the model has avoided true classification throughout its 10 year lifespan. To dig into the true roots of this amazing bike, you can harken back to a PB article found here:


Since this bike was designed for and inspired by the shore, we wanted to create something unique to reflect its gritty roots. For this project we teamed up with someone who also draws her inspiration from the majesty that is our west coast, Kate Zessel. Kate is a local artist from Whistler who does a lot of stunning work, inspired by mountains, nature and outdoor living/adventures. Kate’s work has garnered worldwide attention, and she has collaborated with brands such as Patagonia, Lululemon, and Whistler Brewing Company.

Knolly is keen to cultivate local partnerships in and out of the bike industry, so we knew that working with Kate would be a great fit. Knolly Product Manager, Cavan Brady, just happens to be friends with Kate, so they started discussions about a possible collaboration which ignited this project.

“The organic nature of Kate’s style made for a great contrast against the stark lines of a mountain bike.”

- Noel Buckley, CEO Knolly Bikes


As the design started to develop we had to make a decision internally to determine what frame finish would compliment Kate’s artistic style the best. This process took all of about 30 seconds since the answer was so obvious….

RAW! Our raw finish is a best seller for a myriad of reasons: It’s our most durable and looks great for years (which is perfect when you’re slapping a work of art on the side). The raw finish also puts our premium welds and craftsmanship on full display; we have nothing to hide under paint. Finally, the buffed raw aluminum is the perfect backdrop to contrast and highlight Kate’s stylings. If you wanted to buy the limited ‘Zessel’ edition and hang it on the wall, no one would blame you.

With Kate's design in hand and a raw frame we started working with our factory to turn a bike frame into a canvas. The process was far more time consuming than expected but our factory was excited to make the project a success. Dozens of “tweaks” later we had our first sample to approve and then it was off to production.

Only 50 units of the frame are being produced and they are available now for pre-order with delivery in late September.

During the process, we asked Kate a few questions about the project:

Knolly: First off - Do you ride mountain bikes?

Kate: Yes! I initially learned on a downhill bike in the whistler bike park and then as I got more confident took up cross country riding.