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Bike Check: Fugitive LT shred-hard "mom" edition

Rider: Alexa

IG: @lexi_smyth


I was worried about moving to a 29er. Until this Fugitive LT, the Knolly Warden 27.5” was the

best bike I have ever owned and allowed me to feel confident and in control on the incredible

terrain the coast had to offer. But over the years, my riding style has matured and I am more

interested in being faster overall; I had also given up on keeping up to my boys in the Bike Park.

But I didn’t need to worry, the Fugitive LT was the bike for me. I was able to retain Knolly’s

outstanding rear suspension design in a fast rolling 29” wheel package. The updated geo made

this machine a better climber and you hardly noticed the reduced travel from the Warden

descending. This summer I rode my Fugitive on all types of BC terrain. From my home on the

North Shore to Powell River’s single track, to Cumberland’s groovy flow, to the steeps of

Pemberton as well as the rocky steeps in Rossland BC, this bike really does it all.

How tall are you?

I am 5’8 with a 34” inseam and a -1 ape index. Given my longer leg to upper body ratio, I like to

ride bikes that have a steeper seat tube angle and rear suspension that offers a firm peddling

platform. Even with my seat high to compensate for my inseam, the Fugitive puts me in a

powerful pedaling position over the bottom bracket. I have tested a number of bikes from

other manufacturers that feel flaccid by comparison. These bikes make me feel like I am trying

to pedal up over the back tire.

The Fugitive LT’s higher stack height works well with my short upper body and I am riding with

a 35mm stem to compensate for my limited reach.

What size frame?

Medium frame. I would say that I am the perfect size medium and that this frame fits me

really well despite my body proportions. I have a 35mm stem with a 780mm bar and the saddle

is right in the middle.