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Private farm downhills and dirt jumps @BroseFarm

The Brose farm is beautiful land acreage full of cows, dirt jumps, and great memories.

The circumstances of this year made it nearly impossible for us to travel to our usual spots; many of which are just over the border. We were so lucky to be able to build our own trail and make it into exactly what we wanted. With the help of Josh Brose, a few of our close friends, and of course Pickles (Steve’s Dog), we built something to be enjoyed and expanded on for many years to come.

It was a wicked experience being able to camp, build, ride, repeat with our friends and the Brose family. We all learned so much during the build and being the first ones to test the drops and jumps was scary at times but pushed us in the best of ways.

Here is the product of this year’s hard work and we’re so excited to continue the build next year.

filmed and photo by: @jeremy_menduni riders: @claudelegault @_stevemoreau

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